[ RadSafe ] SI units

Larry Addis ajess at clemson.edu
Sat Mar 26 17:47:07 CDT 2011


Like 450 MikeyMikes? That's micro,micro (pico) Curies for the uninitiated. I
was never in the Navy, but I heard so many Navy stories I felt like I had
been. I can quote the number of steam generators and reactors on several
targets (that's what the guys in boats called them) and know more about Fast
Attacks and Boomers than I probably should.

Most of my contemporaries and I learned the SI rad system in the early 80's.
We were told we had to switch over right then. My regulators never got the
message however.

Six of one half a dozen of the other to me. My Italian and German
motorcycles and cars have had me thinking metric since high school and
haven't used British standard/US tools since.


I wonder, and perhaps a recent US Navy nuke can answer, does NNP still
teach in the units of the field's founder?  Does the US Navy still teach
the meter-Curie rule, for instance?  There was a formal justification of
the use of the founders units, like a lot of Admiral Rickover's
persnickety policies, I imagine it's been forgotten.

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