[ RadSafe ] Helen Caldicott

Roger Helbig rhelbig at sfo.com
Tue May 3 06:40:37 CDT 2011

As a follow-up to the indictment of physicists, here is radio show that
ironically has "no lies" in its URL and then broadcasts Caldicott's
misinformation.  I hope that some of you are writing solid responses to the
NY Times OpEd.


Roger Helbig



Kevin Barrett says:

"Today, it is increasingly obvious that the dominant paradigm is literally
insane. We are governed by psychopaths, and those who dare breathe a word of
truth are pariahs. Helen Caldicott, who has made a career over many decades
of passionately telling the unvarnished truth and letting the chips fall
where they may, is a first-class inspiration, role model, and guide to the
kind of changes we need to make if humanity is to have a future."

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