[ RadSafe ] Shut Down Indian Point Now Teach In and Google Group

Roger Helbig rhelbig at sfo.com
Wed May 4 06:44:26 CDT 2011

They are using their old ant-war tactics - here is Facebook link to photos
and characters 



They also have a Google group that is quite actively spewing out propaganda
- http://groups.google.com/group/SDIPN 


This one by Alice Slater, seemingly professional poster in NY - attracted me
to find out more since Ace Hoffman had forwarded this to another list - the
article looks like it is loaded with false and misleading information.


FW: Cancer, Deformities and Chronic Diseases: The Future Children of
Fukushima <http://groups.google.com/group/SDIPN/t/64208c78a9cf977b>  
By Alice Slater - 3:11am - 1 author - 0 replies 



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