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Sam Iverstine sam_iverstine at yahoo.com
Mon May 9 10:43:54 CDT 2011

All, I have the following books I wish to get rid of:

Nuclear Data Tables, US AEC. 1960

The Effects of Nuclear War, US Congress. 1979

At Work in the Fields of the Bomb, Collection of Historical Photographs, 1982

Employment of Atomic Demolition Munitions, US Army, 1960. Build harbors, holes, etc. 
Nuclear Excavation, ANS, 1968, hardback. In case, say, you need to build a harbor and don’t feel like digging. 

All Things Nuclear, James C. Warf, 1989

Project Alberta: The Preparation of Atomic Bombs for use in World War II. Harlow W. Russ. 1984

Handbook of Nuclear Technology. Nucleonics.  Tritium tracing, slow neutron reactions, etc. highly technical. 

Long-Term Effects of Multiple Nuclear Weapons Detonations. Nat Research council, NAS, 1975.

Radiation Protection and Dosimetry, Orlando, FL 1991. 160pages. 

US Nuclear Forces and Capabilities.  350 pages. 1984. 

Please email me if interested. 


Sam Iverstine, MS, CHP
Board Certified Consultant Physicist
Hanford, WA

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