[ RadSafe ] Hero Higginbotham Needs Radsafer Support

Howard howard.long at comcast.net
Mon May 9 11:58:19 CDT 2011

 Trust in Nuclear Engineering and Health Physics are being destroyed at OSU!
"Trust" has been stated here as essential to avoiding panic ( with potential radiation exposure).
If we do not support  hero Higginbotham, who will trust us?

Please read this latest Oregon State outrage and support Academic Freedom.
Howard Long

The Robinson students would already have lost their PhD work at Oregon State University had nuclear engineering professor Jack Higginbotham not stepped forward, at the risk of his career, in their defense.

In retribution, OSU administrators turned their ire on Professor Higginbotham, too, whose career now hangs by a thread solely because he helped the Robinson students. He is fighting for his professional life.

As a result, Professor Higginbotham’s legal bills have depleted his savings and are a threat to his home and family.
The Oregon Government Ethics Commission has authorized the formation of The Jack Higginbotham Legal Expense Trust Fund in order to raise funds for his legal defense.

This fund is described at Internet site: http://www.jackhigginbothamsfriends.com/

Contributions can be mailed to:

Jack Higginbotham Legal Expense Trust Fund
P.O. Box 1763
Corvallis, OR 97339

University professors with this man’s courage and deep concern for all students, a characteristic for which he is well known on the OSU campus, are very rare. Please help Professor Higginbotham. Do not let OSU administrators - who have unlimited taxpayer funds to spend attacking this professor - destroy this fine man’s future work.

Professor Higginbotham has been on the OSU faculty for 24 years. He is President of the OSU Faculty Senate and a very outstanding engineer and scientist. Oregon and the students of OSU cannot afford to lose this outstanding man.

Art Robinson

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