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Jeff Terry terryj at iit.edu
Mon May 9 16:01:37 CDT 2011

Hello RadSafers, 

While I normally discourage letters of this type, I will make an exception for myself ; )

I have recently been elected the first chair of the Users' Organization of the Advanced Test Reactor National Scientific User Facility (ATR NSUF). The ATR NSUF is the only national user facility for nuclear energy. There are many Basic Energy Science (BES) User Facilities such as the Advanced Photon Source dedicated to general research. The ATR NSUF will be the only user facility dedicated to research and development of nuclear reactor technology.

The recently formed user facility will have a different model than the BES facilities as it will bring partner facilities under its own envelope. The ATR NSUF will appear in the President's budget for the first time in FY12 for $15M. The first annual meeting run by the user's organization will occur this June. This contact is part of my official duties with the ATR Users' Organization. We would like to make everyone aware of the ATR NSUF and its Users' Organization. Specifically, there has been no Health Physics research conducted through the facility to this point. We would like to see stronger participation in this regard. Membership in the Users' Organization is available to anyone with interest in research in any area of interest to the Nuclear Energy Community at no cost. Please contact me at terryj at iit.edu for more details. 

Currently, the UO is working to secure funds to award to the top graduate students through the research competition at the annual Users' Meeting. To date we have received contributions for the awards from the American Nuclear Societ, and contributions from individuals and Universities. If anyone works for companies that could benefit by a stronger community of students trained in nuclear fields, please pass along our request for support for these awards. I appreciate any help in this regard that the RadSafe community can provide. 

You can find out more information about the ATR NSUF at the following web site: http://atrnsuf.inl.gov/

You can also contact me for any additional information that you desire about the new User facility and the User Organization. 

Best wishes, 


Jeff Terry
Chair, Executive Committee
Advanced Test Reactor National Scientific Users' Organization
Center For Advanced Energy Studies
995 University Boulevard, Suite 181
Idaho Falls, ID  83401
terryj at iit.edu

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