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May 25

         I have not read Metzger's essay, however the title "The 
Coercive Utopians" is familiar.  It is the title of a book by Rael 
Jean Isaac and Erich Isaac (Regnery Gateway, 1983).

         The Isaacs used Metzger's files, and he gave them permission 
to use his title as the title of their book.  I own a copy, and read 
it in 1983 or 1984.  The Isaac's refer to Metzger from time to 
time.  One of Metzger's assessments is singularly germane to 
RADSAFE's never ending battle against anti-nukers.   The Isaacs 
paraphrase him thusly:

" . . . with only a few exceptions the experts cited by the utopians 
never made genuine scientific contributions and thus were denied the 
reward of recognition by their peers.  They have achieved the fame 
and status their scientific work could not gain for them through 
serving the needs of utopians for men with credentials."  (pp. 265 - 266)

Steven Dapra

At 11:53 AM 5/25/2011, you wrote:
>On the subject of the agenda of many anti-nuclear activists,  the list is
>referred to the somewhat old, but quite relevant,  publications noted
>below by Dr. H. Peter Metzger [Ph.D. in Biochemistry]:
>1) The Atomic Establishment, H. Peter Metzger  300+ pages, 1972 -Available
>on Amazon
>2) "The Coercive Utopians -Their Hidden Agenda" -by H. Peter Metzger
>The latter was  originally published as a lengthy article in a Denver
>newspaper [Rocky Mountain News ?? I recollect]  back  in the 1970s, and
>then reissued as an 8 page brochure by Public Service Co. of Colorado. I
>don't know where this article might be obtained now. The brochure had been
>for sale on Amazon but is noted as being out of print. I have the original
>article by Metzger somewhere in my dead files, but could not put my hands
>on it. If anyone has this article or brochure PLEASE scan it and post it
>to the list. It is a trenchant  analysis of what agenda really underlies
>much of the anti-nuclear activism we have witnessed over the past decades.
>Bottom line, many anti-nuclear activists put on an image of being
>concerned about health and saftey, but they know their claims are
>distortions which have no relation to facts. The leading activists are not
>"bungling" or lacking in the ability to synthesize factual scientific
>information, but have to truly understand facts to put out out such clever
>distortions in their attempt to influence public, legislative, and
>regulatory actions.
>Stewart Farber, MS Public Health
>SAFarber at optonline.net
>On Wed, 25 May 2011 11:58:00 -0400, Brennan, Mike  (DOH)
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>>I believe it is clear that Dr. Busby has perhaps a little concern for
>>human health, but it pales in comparison to his desire to hammer on an
>>anti-nuclear gong.  His performance on that video that was posted a
>>couple of days ago strips him of any professional credibility.
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>>         Busby's antics and errors at the Low Level Radiation Campaign.
>>         Entertaining.
>>Steven Dapra
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