[ RadSafe ] The human sex odds at birth after the atmospheric atomic bomb tests, after Chernobyl, and in the vicinity of nuclear facilities

Otto G. Raabe ograabe at ucdavis.edu
Fri May 27 12:16:43 CDT 2011

>May 27, 2011

The standard anti-nuclear model involves finding something that has 
changed or gone wrong and claim that there is an association with 
ionizing radiation exposures.  Whole books have been written with 
this faulty approach. Everything that has gone right or improved over 
the same time period is ignored. Any association that can be found is 
claimed to be proof that the radiation exposure was responsible. 
Obviously, association does not prove causation, but that fact does 
not contribute to the anti-nuclear mind set.

The world-wide ionizing radiation exposure from nuclear weapons tests 
was trivial compared to natural exposures. The Chernobyl Nuclear 
Power Plant accident exposures in Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, 
Germany, Hungary, Norway, Poland, and Sweden did not change enough 
after1987 to justify causation. But, of course, human dosimetry  is 
not  a part of these anti-nuclear studies. Only associations are 
important. It is always assumed that that ionizing radiation is the 
cause of any observed phenomena.


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