[ RadSafe ] Busby's vast knowledge

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Fri May 27 20:45:43 CDT 2011

May 27

	Quote from a letter from a law firm recommending Chris Busby.  The 
letter is in a report written by Busby.  The link is

	This treacly nonsense is on page five of the report.  Speaking as 
someone who has the same status as the ECRR and the ICRP, (I'm 
independent) I would say that no one man (or woman) is capable of 
possessing expertise in all the areas wherein Busby is said to 
possess said expertise.  ("radiation epidemiology . . ." etc.)

Steven Dapra

The quote:

"Dr. Busby has always used scientifically rigorous and valid 
procedures in the work he has done with our firm and in the public 
research we are aware of. Science does not require infallibility, and 
no science could ever be presented in court if the standard was 
perfection. However, Dr. Busby strives for the highest level of 
excellence in his work, which is why it has become so noted in the 
scientific and legal worlds. Dr. Busby has been invaluable to us in 
the area of the health effects of ionizing radiation. He has an 
encyclopaedic knowledge of the area, and has personally carried out 
significant relevant research studies. His assistance to us and to 
the courts include advice on radiation epidemiology, statistical 
inference, the history of radiation and health, radiation biology of 
humans, genetic effects, laboratory cell culture and animal studies, 
exposure calculations, dispersion modelling of radioactivity and 
generally all the areas where an understanding of the health effects 
of exposure to radioactivity and radiation are required. We have no 
hesitation in recommending Dr. Busby as an overall expert in this 
complicated and difficult area, fully capable of defending his 
methods and opinions on proper cross examination."

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