[ RadSafe ] Radsafe (membership requirements) - International or not?

Perle, Sandy sperle at mirion.com
Mon May 30 09:38:21 CDT 2011

Per the requirements outlined below, any individual who wants to address the topic of radiation protection can become a member. There is no restriction based on ethnicity, gender, race, religion or any other characteristic. The membership list is not published, therefore, only members who post are known to the other members. Having the pleasure of managing the background list requirements when Mike Stabin was listowner and was out of ability to manage the list for a couple of weeks. The list then was significant in size. Less than 10% of the list actually responded. The majority were lurkers or simply wrote privately for assistance and information. As far as those posting today, the majority that do so do originate in the USA. Is that a bad thing? Our the ideas coming from USA members worse than those from our colleagues in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Canada? I don't think so. It is a good thing to have colleagues from other geographical areas, with different work experiences. That is what makes Radsafe so great and successful as long as it has been. As in any group, there are those who members like, and those who they don't. Hopefully one can address the topics and refrain from the personal attacks, as outlined below. I even learn from those on the list who might not be my first choice for asking for information. We can all learn something from each other.

On this Memorial Day Holiday we celebrate in the USA, let's all remember those who fought and died for our freedoms, not only if you served and died for the USA, but for every company, where freedom was the goals of your sincere sacrifices.

"RadSafe is an international e-mail list devoted to the topic of radiation protection (Health Physics).

The purpose of the RadSafe mailing list is to allow for the free exchange of ideas between its members, so as to assist them in their work and advance our fields of shared interest. To that end, it is possible that positions will be taken with which not everyone agrees. Often, there is not a need to publically air one's disagreement; however, to the extent, that one feels compelled to make his or her disagreement know, please make sure that discussion is as pleasant and professional as the circumstances allow. So, if you differ with a position being taken by another member, please do so politely. Remember that the written word shows no emotion, so double entendres, humor, cynicism, or slang usage should be used only with great caution."



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