[ RadSafe ] Germany to shut down reactors by 2022

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May 31

         This is not much of an answer.  Where is it written that in 
a "democracy" decisions are or are not made by any particular group 
of people?  Scientists are voters too --- aren't they?  Resnikoff's 
ad hoc description of the "nature of a democracy" is eisegesis.

         But wait.  Let's assume that in some hypothetical democracy 
the voters (scientists and all) decided their country was going to 
have power reactors everywhere, and *no* green energy.   Would 
Resnikoff accept that?  Or would he would be shrieking about how the 
will of the people had been thwarted by the military-industrial 
complex and its kept lobbyists?

Steven Dapra

At 03:40 PM 5/30/2011, you wrote:
>This is the nature of a democracy.  Decisions are made by the 
>voters, not by the scientists.
>Marvin Resnikoff
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>Amen! Many years ago at a utility I worked at there was a sign in 
>the Control Room that depicted the feelings about intervenor efforts 
>to shut the 2 units down, that simply read. Let the bastards freeze 
>in the dark. This was true over 30 years ago and just as true today.
>Going to be cold winters and hot summers in all these Countries due 
>to inexcusable decisions made by their governments.
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>          The Germans are signing themselves up for a heap of (cold) trouble.
>Steven Dapra
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> >Dear Steven & Group:
> >
> >The sad truth is that the energy will come to Germany in the form of Russian
> >natural gas controlled by Gasprom.  Three years ago, Gasprom turned-off the
> >gas to Europe on 1 January 2009 claiming that Ukraine was "stealing gas"
> >leaving it off for several weeks.  Since so much of Eastern Europe is very
> >dependent on Russia for energy, this single "statement" caused major
> >disruptions (and geopolitical changes) in Eastern and Central Europe
> >including Germany.  The price of gas spiked, and old company joint projects
> >were re-evaluated to include Russian companies.
> >
> >This also happened in 2006 with Ukraine said to be stealing gas, and Belarus
> >in earlier "gas-stealing" events.  Gasprom always finds excuses to shut gas
> >off, and they appear to be a major arm of the Russian government's
> >heavy-handed foreign policy. 10% of Russian GDP comes from Gasprom.
> >
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> >http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20110530/wl_afp/germanypoliticsnuclear
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> >         How will Germany replace the 22 percent of electricity it receives
> >from reactors?
> >
> >Steven Dapra

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