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Wed May 18 15:38:07 CDT 2011

"Shy Matilda* "Tillie" Hunsdorfer prepares her
*, involving **marigolds* <>* raised
from seeds exposed to
*, for the **science fair* <>. She
is, however, constantly thwarted by her mother Beatrice, who is
self-centered <> and
and by her extroverted and unstable sister Ruth, who submits to her mother'=
will. Over the course of the play, Beatrice constantly tries to stamp out
any opportunities Tillie has of succeeding, due to her own lack of success
in life. As the play progresses, the paths of the three characters diverge:
Tillie wins the science fair through perseverance; Ruth attempts to stand u=
to her mother but has a nervous collapse at the end of the play, and
Beatrice=97driven to the verge of
insanity<>by her deep-seated
enmity <> towards everyone=97kills the gir=
pet rabbit <> Peter and ends up wallowin=
in her own perceived insignificance. Despite this, Tillie (who is much like
her project's deformed but beautiful and hardy marigolds) secretly continue=
to believe that everyone is valuable."

pat lewis
~ @the Radon Mine

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