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>"There are no child cancers near coal fired plants but there certainly are
>near nuclear plants (e.g. Sellafield, KiKK Germany). The US put  the
>opportunity cost of a child cancer at 1 million dollars. I have shown
>statistically significant increases in cancers, particularly breast cancer
>downwind of two nuclear plants in the UK and Sternglass and Gould and Joe
>Mangano have published results showing the same in the USA downwind of all
>nuclear plants in the USA using County data.  These results are in the peer
>review literature. I have also found increases in infant mortality downwind of
>one nuclear plant in the UK."

Wow! I find it totally strange that the uranium and its decay products (present
in coal), that are 'spewed forth' uncontrolledly from coal-fired power
are supposedly so benign, whereas the noble gases released controlledly (to
minimise public exposure) from a nuclear plant are claimed to cause such havoc
regarding cancer. By the way, a coal-fired station typically puts more activity
into the air than a nuclear power station and does so under all weather
conditions. There is fall-out to worry about. Ever found it necessary to
monitor the air or test people's hair downwind from a coal-fired station? And
that uranium is not even depleted. I sometimes wonder abouta Winston Churchill 
quote: "There are lies, there are damn lies, and then there are statistics".
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> ................I recently did an enormously complicated and expensive study
> of uranium in Fallujah. It took almost a year to get through peer review.....
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> providing the Sternglass debunking references.
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