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in the human body. This contrasted the healing folks (some injected up to m=
illigram quantities into "patients"=2C others said that radium in the skele=
ton was like having a built-in spa).
Around 1941 one maximum permissible level (the context may have been recomm=
endations from the Nat. Bureau of Standards in the U.S.) was 37 Bq/m3 in ex=
pired air (converted from Ci). After reading Clark's book I think that most=
 people who have some science background would see the order of 0.1-0.5 mic=
rograms of radium deposited in the body as a more directly life threatening=
Thank you Stewart for the suggested readings. Another source is a review ar=
ticle published in Radiation Research around 1998.
My personal initiative and (radio)activity=2C
Bjorn Cedervall

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> Subject: Re: [ RadSafe ] Radium history question - internal contamination
> Hello all=2C
> Regarding Bjorn's comment about exhaling Rn-222 as a consequence of inter=
> deposition of Ra-226=2C it does not take a very high body burden of Ra-22=
6 to
> be able to measure Rn-222 in exhaled air. An excellent discussion of the
> relationship established between internal deposition and exhaled radon is
> found at:

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