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"It took a unique confluence of events to get the reformist Jaczko in the
chairman's seat, especially given Obama's close ties to Exelon, an
Illinois-based nuclear energy company. Jaczko was a senior staffer with Sen.
Harry Reid (D-Nev.) when he was nominated to the commission in 2005 as part
of a deal Reid struck with President Bush that also allowed the
administration to seat a Republican on the commission. Reid is a long-time
opponent of storing nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain in Nevada and was an
early supporter of Obama. When Obama was elected, Reid called in a favor and
had Jaczko named chairman."


As has been seen over many years, Sen. Reid [ D-Nev] has made it  a key goal
to kill the Yucca Mountain project no matter what needed to be done or what
obstacles needed to be put up to stop it.


It is significant that present NRC Chairman Jaczko began his Washington,
D.C., career as a Congressional Science Fellow in the office of U.S. Rep.
Edward Markey.  For over 30 years, Rep. Markey [ D-MA ] has been a
reflexively, knee-jerk anti-nuclear politician. There isn't a single
radiation related issue that Markey has not attempted to exploit and
exaggerate over his Congressional career to get press coverage for his
crusade against nuclear power.


I used to live in Massachusetts for many years, and saw close-up what Rep.
Markey was doing to shut down existing nuclear plants in New England [ and
nationwide], or delay licensing  of Seabrook Station during the 1980s.
Markey routinely would engage in endless misrepresentations, and errors of
fact and emphasis that he could seize upon in advancing  his goals.


One can only infer that the present NRC Commissioner Jaczko would have been
helping Markey to do what Markey does when he was working for Markey.


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