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Wed Nov 16 13:47:12 CST 2011

Ladies / gentlemen have a good healthy laugh ... but charlatans grow fat 
on the fear, ignorance and stupidity of the human race.
So, in order to make "Radsafe" rich may I suggest that someone develops 
on its behalf a pendant with health properties based on the Raman 
effect? There is no patent yet using this specific principle.

Here is the text by C. MORAN - Madrid - 16/11/2011 (El Pais) -- 
translated from Spanish (e.sartori- that's myself)

> The quantum necklace denounced as "deceptive" : FACUA criticizes that 
> it is sold for its "healing" properties.- The case is similar to the 
> controversial Power Balance bracelets.
> The consumer organization FACUA has denounced to the health 
> authorities several companies selling quantum necklaces that are made 
> of minerals selected for their natural healing properties. The 
> reported companies are Q-Link, Dalimara Quantum, Quantum Science and 
> Five Stars. These collars are also sold for their ability to "isolate 
> radiation" and sports and television stars are used for their 
> advertising "as well as medical cases to support their effectiveness," 
> they say at FACUA.
> The case is virtually identical to the controversy that came with the 
> Power Balance bracelets, called miracle bracelets, which were also 
> reported at the time, after making a million dollar business. Many 
> celebrities acquired them. Finally, the Junta de Andalucia Malaga 
> fined the company 15,000 euros, too little compared to the gains 
> already achieved, FACUA regrets.
> The companies advertised these products on the Internet saying things 
> like: "The Q-Link pendant contains a resonating cell programmed with 
> the salutary frequencies of the body. When worn near the heart it 
> strengthens and balances your energy system. The resonance cell is 
> activated when the copper coil detects micro-currents of the heart 
> using the body as its own battery. "
> The "cosmic pendant" Five Star promises to leave the mind alert and to 
> fight fatigue and stress. And also pains, and lack of concentration 
> and irritability and depression, in short, almost all the problems 
> that a person can be confronted with at the end of his life.
> And you can read therein also testimonials from parents who have seen 
> miraculous disappearance of eczema from their children, for example.
> FACUA argues in his claims that these companies violated the Royal 
> Decree 1.907/1996, advertising and commercially promoting products, 
> activities or services intended for health purposes. The above rule 
> prohibits the advertising of products, materials, substances, energies 
> or methods "to suggest or indicate that their use or consumption, 
> enhances physical, mental, or sexual and/or sport performance ", 
> "without complying with the conditions and requirements under the 
> Medicines Act"
> The Q-Link and Dalimara Quantum advertising incurs also in other 
> prohibited practices according to this Royal Decree, as it pretends 
> "evidence from health professionals, celebrities or publicly known 
> actual or suspected patients as a means of inducing consumption" . At 
> Dalimara the price of these pendants for various models range from 25 
> to 39 Euros, and there are other strange gadgets that go for $ 100.

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