[ RadSafe ] Japanese Researcher Claims that "Fallout" from Fukushima is circling the globe in the oceans

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Sat Nov 19 03:54:24 CST 2011

How much of the radioactive releases is really soluble in water?

Fukushima radioactive fallout circling around the world’s oceans

* <http://antinuclearinfo.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/text-ionising.gif>Fukushima
nuclear fallout spread through oceans, researchers say, :Herald Sun,
AFP, November
17, 2011* *MOST of the radioactive fallout from the disaster at the
Fukushima nuclear plant dropped into the ocean and began circling the
planet, Japanese researchers say.*
Up to 80 per cent of the caesium released by the Fukushima Daiichi power
plant after the March 11 disaster landed in the Pacific and made its way
into other oceans around the world, scientists at the Meteorological
Research Institute said.

“The rest has fallen on land” in and around Fukushima, said Hiroshi
Takahashi, a researcher at the institute in Ibaraki, northeast of Tokyo.

“The results mean the ocean was more contaminated than land, although
recent data have shown that ocean pollution resulting from the accident was
well below levels affecting humans,” Takahashi said.

Researchers said the radioactive materials, including caesium-137, an
isotope with a half-life of more than 30 years, were widely dispersed when
they entered the oceans and each particle would measure less than one
micrometre – one seventh the size of a human red blood cell.

Using computer simulations, they calculated the material was first blown
northeast over eastern Russia and Alaska, before falling into the Pacific
and reaching the western coast of mainland US around March 17, Takahashi

The materials were believed to have completed their first around-the-globe
trip by March 24, he said, adding that the results would be presented to an
academic meeting in Nagoya, central Japan….

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