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Sun Nov 20 15:39:47 CST 2011

Hi Radsafe,
     From:   _jpreisig at aol.com_ (mailto:jpreisig at aol.com)      
     Hope you are well.  As I suggested before, if  you are going to sift 
beach sand (South Carolina,
Brazil, India, etc.) for Thorium (Th/U233 fuel cycle), please replace beach 
 sand leftovers on the beach where
you got them.
     Google news has a news item about a repeat of the  speed of light 
experiment by the same
group that found the speed of light exceeded by neutrinos earlier.   The 
speed of light is again 
exceeded by the neutrinos.
     Gold Rush Alaska (Klondike too, Quartz creek etc.)  again.  Yes, a bit 
off topic but interesting.
The TV series Gold Rush Alaska is now watching three groups of Gold Miners  
looking for Gold,
the Hoffmans, the Schnabels and the Dakota Boys.  Watch if you so  desire.
     Dirt with gold in it (how much I wonder) is  available for purchase 
over the internet.  Wonder if the
Hoffmans, Schnabels and Dakota boys are selling their dirt with mill  
tailings (once processed???)
over the internet.  Such sales could support purchase of new tractors  
(with ripping devices for
ripping permafrost soil into pieces), as needed.  Right now, the  Schnabels 
and Dakota Boys aren't
working in the colder Klondike.
      A geology hobbyist could pan for gold right  in his/her home.  A gold 
pan and some plastic
buckets or tubs are cheap.  One could also set up a crude magnet  system 
for removing dirt/gold
from the magnetic materials present in the dirt.  A more well-fixed  ($$$) 
hobbyist could buy a small
magnetic conveyor separating system and perhaps even a small wave  table.  
The wave table
separates dirt from gold.  Do what you will.
      Radsafe continues to be so cool, in spite of  a bit of downside, once 
in a while.
Thanks to the list moderator, and past list moderators.
      If you do end up processing dirt with gold  at home, please place 
leftover dirt in locations 
needing fill dirt, or something like that.
      Regards,     Joseph R.  (Joe)  Preisig, PhD

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