[ RadSafe ] Medical and Academic Criticism RE: Busby Laboratories & Busby Foundation for Children of Fukushima by the Guardian [England]

Stewart Farber SAFarber at optonline.net
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Dr. Busby,

A lengthy news article appeared in Britain's respected newspaper The
Guardian on 21st November, 2011. This article takes you to task about the
expensive anti-radiation pills and analytical services you are promoting,
Busby Laboratories, and the Chris Busby Foundation for the Children of
Fukushima [CBFCF]. Your comments about this article seem warranted since it
seems to put you in a very bad light.



[--Post-Fukushima 'anti-radiation' pills condemned by scientists - Green
party distances itself from Dr. Christopher Busby]

This article quotes you as stating that any money from the sales of the
radiation detox pills being sold by 4u-detox.com goes to the Chris Busby
Foundation for the Children of Fukushima, established by a Mr. James Ryan of

You state in the Guardian article above regarding your involvement with the
CBFCF that "It's got nothing to do with me. He [James Ryan] phoned me up and
asked if he could use my name and I said he could." You state that
4u-detox.com sends you samples and you analyze them. You further state when
asked by The Guardian about Busby Laboratories that "I'm Busby
Laboratories." The Guardian writes that you told them "that the money from
the sale of pills and tests goes to the CBFCF which was established by James

The Guardian article quotes you as saying that you perform complex
radiological analyses of samples from Japan [urine for U and Sr, food for Cs
isotopes and I, food for Pu, U, and Sr, water for Cs, and Sr ]. You state
that you perform an unspecified number of complex radioanalytical
measurements at no cost to the CBFCF, for which the CBFCF charges $1,000 USD
and more each, yet all money for the analyses goes to Mr. Ryan and the
CBFCF. Mr. Ryan told the Guardian that "All money from 4u-Detox.com goes to
children of Fukushima and children throughout Japan. We have donated a great
amount to children of Japan."

To summarize: If the Guardian quotes you and Mr. Ryan properly, Mr. Ryan has
established the Chris Busby Foundation for the Children of Fukushima which
has nothing to do with you. You go on YouTube and radio and TV shows and
promote products and services offered by the CBFCF.  Mr. Ryan and the CBFCF,
per the CBFCF website, sell very expensive mineral tablets, and detox clays,
internal cleansers, and now iodine solutions, and receive samples from Japan
for radio-analytical work, billed at very high cost, and you perform the
analyses at no cost. Then all monies received is given away to the "children
of Fukushima". 

Without any further explanation, it simply seems like this makes no sense
and appears to be some kind of scam. Am I missing something? The information
you and Mr. Ryan are quoted as providing to the Guardian simply strains
credulity and puts you and Mr. Ryan in a rather bad light.

Listed below are a few legitimate questions about radiation related issues
in which you are involved regarding your advertising and selling products
being made by Busby Laboratories, which are being widely promoted as
supposedly reducing the potential impacts of radiation releases from the
Fukushima accident, and in raising money for the Chris Busby Foundations for
the Children of Fukushima:

1) Does your widely discussed and self-promoted "Chris Busby Foundation for
Children of Fukushima" exist as a legal, licensed foundation? 

2) If so, is it a non-profit legal entity, particularly since it is
supposedly, if you are to be believed,  giving all monies received to the
children of Fukushima?  If a non-profit entity, how much money has it
received to date, and how much money has been donated by the Chris Busby
Foundationj to the "Children of Fukushima"?

3) Where is the CBFCF registered?  Would you please supply a link to its
registration as a non-profit entity [if it exists as a non-profit entity]
and any Articles of Incorporation?

4) If the CBFCF is established as a non-profit entity, please supply a link
to a copy of the relevant revenue/taxation authority [in the US this is the
US IRS, for example] letter approving its non-profit status which is
required for any entity operating as a non-profit entity?

5) "Busby Laboratories" is listed on your pill bottles, and implied as
manufacturing  your detox pills. Where is it physically located? 

6) Does Busby Laboratories exist as a legal Corporation? If so, where is it
incorporated or otherwise registered as an operational entity? 

7) Have the 4u-detox.com pills being sold by the CBFCF and manufactured by
Busby Laboratories, which appear to be located  in the US, been approved by
the US FDA as being safe and effective regarding the medical claims being
made about these pills?

8) Is Busby Laboratories both manufacturing your detox radiation tablets,
and analyzing various media for radiological content? If not, where are the
Laboratories located that provide analytical services which you are
advertising as available from Busby Laboratories?

9) There is a "Donations" link on the 4u-detox.com website which is selling
products and services you are promoting. Why are donations linked to a bank
account in your home town and and deposited to the credit of "Green Audit",
a private entity you have established rather than the CBFCF?  Are all
donations received by your Green Audit's bank account in Britain then sent
to the CBFCF for distribution to the Children of Fukushima, as implied by
your statements to the Guardian,  or kept for your personal use?

I think that since you try and present yourself on Radsafe as a person
deeply concerned about the truth concerning matters of radiation risk, that
you would want to answer the questions above, and comment on the negative
information presented in the Guardian yesterday. 

Stewart Farber, MS Public Health
SAFarber at optonline.net

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