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Fukushima, Calcium Supplements and the 
Christopher Busby Foundation for the Children of Fukushima
George Monbiot et al: The Real Target; the Real Strategy

The man who as a columnist, kills children every day
Who puts himself beyond attack, and hides himself away
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Busby 2011

Chris Busby PhD

In the last two years, the evidence for the failure of the current radiation risk model has become overwhelming. This risk model, which predicts and explains the cancer and other health outcomes of exposure to internal radioactive substances has been shown by hundreds of scientific papers in the peer-reviewed literature to be wildly incorrect. In April 2009 the recently retired secretary of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) admitted to me on video in Stockholm that this was true, and that the ICRP model could not be used to predict or explain the health effects on internal radioactive exposures. 
The matter has been addressed by an independent organization, The European Committee on Radiation Risk set up in Brussels in 1998; for the ICRP and the ECRR have the same independent status. The only difference is that the ECRR is independent of the nuclear lobby, and its risk model (which is accurate) is based on real observations and supported by science. There have been two major developments in 2011 which make the question of which radiation risk model is correct of paramount importance. These are: 
•	Fukushima
•	Fallujah
The nuclear industry were poised to begin building more nuclear power stations when the Fukushima reactors melted down causing a new and worse contamination of  the Japan population than Chernobyl.  The military were accused through research of having developed and used an illegal nuclear weapon which had caused enormous increases in cancer and congenital malformations in Iraq. In both these areas, the key scientific player was Chris Busby, the spokesman and scientific secretary of the ECRR. It became absolutely necessary for the nuclear military complex to destroy his credibility.
But such a strategy is not without its dangers: as Mark Twain famously said: there is no such thing as bad publicity.   

The real target
I am not the real target for these attacks: it is the risk model of the ECRR and its supporting scientific evidence. Attacks on Chris Busby are not new. Indeed the UK Ministry of Defence regularly employ personal attacks on me in the many courts cases I am involved with as expert witness. In such a judicial forum these personal attacks are ignored and the decisions made on the basis of the evidence, and so far all have been made for my clients and not for the MoD. The military and nuclear lobby have now taken this strategy to the public thought George Monbiot’s column in the Guardian.  Monbiot himself, suddenly and astonishingly began supporting nuclear energy immediately after the Fukushima explosions, and in the last year has been gratuitously attacking me and my  scientific credibility in various talks he has been making around the country. These were videoed. Monbiot, a coward, has always been careful to avoid any real face to face debate on the science with me, although having been invited to do so. The most recent opportunity was when he was when invited by Oxford CND and Oxford Green Party to debate the issue at Oxford Town Hall on November 3rd . He again declined to appear. I went and addressed Monbiot as if he were there: the meeting was video recorded and is now on YouTube.

The falseness of the people attacking. Their real affiliation  
George Monbiot has no knowledge or scientific expertise in the area of radiation and health. This is why he dare not debate the issue of nuclear energy with someone who does know. His position is clearly informed by someone else, and the most likely individual is Malcolm Grimston who he shared a platform with at the Royal Society of Chemistry recently arguing the nuclear energy case. Grimston, for some time employed by the nuclear industry as an expert in the psychology of changing public opinion, was George’s Chemistry teacher at Stowe school. 
In Monbiot’s article published on 21st Nov he has canvassed opinion from two other scientists about the efficacy of the Calcium supplements for diplacing Strontium from the DNA. His choice of these was, perhaps, unfortunate. The UK scientist he chose, Gerry Thomas, who I might describe as a “Chernobyl Denier” in the same sense as the concept of “Holocaust Denier” has been  employed, is an ignorant and opinionated woman who believed she is an expert on the health effects of radiation despite having never published anything much on the issue. She is much given to grand and incorrect statements about radiation effects and has been much in demand on pro-nuclear power TV programmes. Her statements on the issue of the Calcium supplements are easily shown to be scientifically incorrect and I will demand an apology from her and her institutions as an alternative to suing her for libel (see below). 

The method; the operation
Monbiot phoned me on the afternoon of Thursday 18th November. I was in Stockholm having been asked to present the findings of my research in Fallujah Iraq which had been published in the Journal Conflict and Health on September 2nd and after 30 days became the most accessed paper in the Journal’s history. (This paper shows the existence of a new and secret Uranium weapon which the military have been deploying in all modern battlefields and which results in the genetic decimation of the local population.) Monbiot said that he had emailed a series of 12 questions which I had to respond to by midday Friday. These questions, or a different set were also sent to James Ryan, the owner and proprietor of the Christopher Busby Foundation for the Children of Fukushima, based in Japan. Both Busby and Ryan made answers to Monbiot, but these answers were not made part of the article in the Guardian. 
Should we not be concerned that this operations was carried out in such a last minute and perfunctory way?

The argument about the Christopher Busby Foundation for the Children of Fukushima
I have been arguing that the people living in the contaminated areas of Japan are going to suffer serious adverse health effects. Using the ECRR risk model I calculated that between 200,000 and 400,000 extra cancers will result if the people are not evacuated from the 200km zone. The consequences of the Fukushima contamination are easily predicted by the consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe. This is seen in the book ECRR published a few days ago: Fukushima and Health: What to Expect (328pp ECRR www.euradcom.org). 
On the basis of the ECRR risk model which adds high hazard weightings to nuclides which bind to DNA, I reasoned that there would be a protective effect if children or adults took daily supplements of Calcium. Magnesium and also Caesium (though the latter is banned for tablets by goventments). Following this suggestion I was approached by two separate organizations who wanted to help the children of Fukushima.
One was James Ryan’s organisation. The argument about the supplements can be broken down into 4 parts:

1. Does the Calcium work? Does it protect against Strontium-90 and Uranium as I predicted, or is it a scam to make money?
 The answer is that it does work. The theory is borne out in practice and a number of peer reviewed papers published in the 50s and 60s show. The theory and the scientific evidence have been separately reported. In this, Gerry Thomas and Monbiot’s other source of scientific advice Professor Ohtsura Niwa, a member of the International Commission on Radiological Protection, were both completely incorrect. In the period of the global weapons testing, scientists were extremely concerned about exposure to Sr-90 which was believed to cause leukemia and cancer (a belief borne out by the cancer epidemic which began in the 1980 and continues). This was because Strontium-90 was known to bind to DNA (Steffensen and La Chance, 1957) and was known to cause genetic damage in mouse studies (Luning and Frolen 1963). This is why the 1960s research on blocking the access of the Sr90 to the DNA was being carried out see supplementrept).  It is therefore ironic that no one is concerned about the effects of the same substance in the Fukushima populations even though the levels are very much higher in Fukushima. The gross ignorance by Monbiot’s scientific advisors, one of whom is a member of the ICP, is breathtaking and supports the belief that the ICRP is incompetent to advise on the health effects of the Fukushima catrastrophe. I will take steps to have a public apology from both of these scientists or, as I stated above, will take steps to putting one or both in court for libel damages. 

2. The cost. Why are the pills being advertised on the internet so much more expensive than those being sold in the health food shops?
 The answer is, as I told Monbiot, that James Ryan decided the price entirely on his own. When I was told of the price I phoned Ryan and asked him to bring the cost down. Ryan explained that the price was decided by his marketing people. When the price wasn’t changed, I made a video and put it on Youtube telling everyone to take the pills but that they could buy them at any health food shop if they didn’t want to pay the CBFCF prices. That video is at : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe6lxsl6Pbo

The fact is that I had no part in any of the website or marketing or pricing for the pills.

3. The Busby Laboratory
 James Ryan’s project was to set up an independent lab in Japan where food or other samples could be brought for analysis. He believed (correctly) that the official measurements were being falsified and felt that independent analysis was needed. He wanted to call the lab the Busby Laboratory since the people believed in Chris Busby as the only honest scientist in this area (and they still do, check the internet). I advised Ryan on what instruments were needed and put him in touch with manufacturers. Until this lab was set up, I agreed to arrange analyses in the UK either with my own gamma spectrometry equipment or by sending the samples to commercial labs in the UK. The costs of these analyses are based entirely on the costs asked for by the commercial labs which is quite a lot of money. I told this to George Monbiot but he didn’t write it into his article.

4. Who profits?
 No-one. Or the Japanese children. The operation as proposed and agreed between Ryan and me at the beginning was entirely not-for-profit. Any money obtained from the sale of the supplement pills was to be invested into the operation to pay for more measuring equipment. This was a formal agreement made between Ryan and me. All of this was told to Monbiot and again has not been reported. I have received no money in all this. I should point out that most of what I do is for free. For example, I have acted as expert witness in more than 10 nuclear test veteran tribunals, and have won pensions for them by overturning Ministry of Defence decisions, and have only obtained my train fares.  The reason I am independent is that I am not primarily interested in money and cannot be threatened by loss of credibility or status. Nevertheless, the attacks that have increasingly been aimed at me in the last two years have resulted in my being cut off from funding support and if nothing happens, soon I will have to sell my house and move onto a boat and live on a pension of £400 a month. 

The story, the outcome

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