[ RadSafe ] US enriched uranium weapons caused Fallujah cancer, UK-Iraq study finds

Maury maurysis at peoplepc.com
Fri Nov 25 23:26:33 CST 2011


This article in The Muslim News, Issue 271 dated 25 Nov 2011 is 
important to the radiation safety community. It 'reports' that the US 
used *enriched* uranium weapons, rather than *depleted* uranium weapons, 
in Fallujah, Iraq. This is a serious distinction and distortion  
attributable directly to Dr. Chris Busby among others. It is patently 
false according to available public information. Obviously I might be 
completely mistaken, but there is no evidence known for the use of any 
special enriched uranium weapons in Iraq.

I wish the HPS could organize some kind of standing group to identify 
and refute this kind of more obvious misinformation. The Muslim world 
deserves better than this kind of 'news'.

Maury&Dog  [MaurySiskel  maurysis at peoplepc.com]

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