[ RadSafe ] US enriched uranium weapons caused Fallujah cancer, UK-Iraq study finds

James Salsman jsalsman at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 16:37:52 CST 2011

I agree with Dan; the soil uranium concentration is essentially
meaningless. Goat and sheep milk dairy products are the most likely
human uptake sources because uranyl is both concentrated in and
absorbed from milk more than any vegetable or meat sources.  It ought
to be fairly easy to monitor U238 in dairy products, right?

Since everyone other than I who has ever expressed an opinion on
RADSAFE says that the chemistry of different uranium isotopes has to
be identical among different isotopes, please read Froidevaux et al
(2004) "90Sr, 238U, 234U, 137Cs, 40K and 239/240Pu in Emmental type
cheese produced in different regions of Western Europe."

"(234)U/(238)U ratio shows a large enrichment in (234)U for every
location. Without any significant indication of the geographic origin
of the cheese, this enrichment is believed to be due to the geological
features of the pasture, soil and underground water. These results
tend to prove that the contamination of milk by uranium originates
principally from the water that the cows drink instead of the forage."

James Salsman

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