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Oct. 6

         Then stop being obtuse and give us the citations that you 
keep demanding from everyone else.

Steven Dapra

At 02:40 AM 10/6/2011, you wrote:
>Yes, there are several refenced Bandashevsky studies.
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>Oct. 5
>          On Oct. 4 in the "Rational Thought" thread you (Busby)
>wrote, "Do you have a referenced study?"  Do you have a referenced
>study for your claims below?  And I don't mean something you conjured
>up.  All you have is some anecdotal evidence and a report on Al
>Jazeera.  The latter is not exactly a referenced study.
>          Sternglass did cherry pick the data.  See Samuel McCracken's
>analysis of his claims in "The War Against the Atom," pp. 122-133.
>Steven Dapra
>At 02:26 PM 10/5/2011, you wrote:
> >The heart attack point was predicated on the work of Yuri
> >Bandashevsky who carried out work in the Belarus areas where
> >children were contaminated by the Chernobyl fallout. This was
> >epidemiology. I dont know how many children are suffering in Japan,
> >just that some mothers have contacted me with description of
> >symptoms: there was a item on Al Jazeera. But thats not
> >epidemiology. What I did do was some calculations about Cs137
> >content of heart muscle and the number of heart muscle cells. I dont
> >think you know about what Sternglass did. There was no cherry
> >picking of data, and his work was published in peer review, as much
> >of mine is. If you want to knock it, you should also publish in peer
> >review. What Sterngalss did ( and Robin Whyte in the BMJ in 1990 who
> >followed it up) was to look at a graph of infant mortality in UK and
> >USA and notice that after the weapons fallout the infant mortality
> >suddenly increased. I fail to see how that is cherry picking. It
> >conforms to the causalit
> >  y requirements of Sir Austen Bradford Hill (Principles of Medical
> > Statistics 1961)  who is generally recognised as being the gold
> > standard in these affairs. Please explain.
> >Sincerely
> >Chris
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> >Sternglass got his results by cherry-picking data, as do most of the
> >other researchers you cite.  It's impossible to tell if his work is
> >correct or not, but the odds are against it.  Like your claims of
> >heart attacks in Japanese children, it's not science, it's pushing
> >an agenda through pseudo-scientific obfuscation, designed to impress
> >the scientifically ignorant.
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