[ RadSafe ] "mis-information from both TEPCO and the Japanese government immediately after the incident"

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Tue Oct 11 22:05:45 CDT 2011


Are you hinting that the Japanese agencies were essentially lying, like 
the the German journalist said?
Who knows the full truth, knows all the detailed information in such a 
catastrophic situation? When communication channels are locally 
destroyed or have failed?
What is candid? How much information does the public need? Especially 
when it does not understand the data, does not know how to interpret 
them, nor understands radiation effects.
The more information you provide, the more information will be requested 
and the population is swamped with what is for them contradictory, foggy 
and neuron saturating.  Then you have a number of ignorant journalists 
who scare the shit out of people just to sell their news. In the media 
lies are often sexier and more easily read and believed than "the truth".


On 12/10/2011 04:23, Perle, Sandy wrote:
> Hello Enrico,
> The situation as you describe is as you state, very inconsiderate and is
> an insult to the Japanese people. I have many Japanese colleagues who are
> in Japan and many of them have categorically stated that the general
> public does not have confidence in the information provided by both the
> Government agencies responsible for nuclear power oversight and safety
> issues as well as the information provided by the utility. These
> colleagues are also in the nuclear industry and they too have been
> frustrated with the information and/or lack of appropriate actions taken,
> especially with the way dose reporting was handled, conflicts with
> real-time dosimetry being used in the filed that contradicted continual
> reports of what the situation was, how the limits for children in the area
> was handled, etc. This was also a situation as reported during and after
> the Tokaimura accident. If you recall, there were many resignations due to
> the "not so candid" information provided.
> Who am I? Four years in State Government Radiological Health, 21 years
> nuclear power and 16 years commercial dosimetry. I am also the Chairman
> Health Physics Society Standards Committee, Deputy Advisor US Nuclear
> Technical Advisory Group, TC 85/SC2, member IEC TC45, voting member ANSI
> N13, N42 and N43 Committees, Secretary Council on Ionizing Radiation
> Measurements and Standards (CIRMS), Technical Expert NVLAP (US Department
> of Commerce, National Institute Standards and Technology (NIST) conducting
> on-site assessments of dosimetry processing facilities (including the
> majority of in-house nuclear power and US Navy dosimetry processing
> facilities) requiring NVLAP accreditation since 1993. I think this
> provides a basic answer to your question.
> Regards,
> Sandy
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> On 10/11/11 1:25 PM, "radiation"<radiation at noos.fr>  wrote:
>> When it happened I was then listening to the German television channel
>> ZDF. A reporter from a Tokyo hotel was complaining that he would not
>> receive regular fresh information from the Japanese on what was going on
>> in Fukushima and he stated that it is known that the Japanese regularly
>> hide the truth in these affairs.
>> No mention of the distress of the population, the tens of thousands of
>> death, the tens of thousands of blessed, the desperate situation of the
>> survivors who had lost everything from the tsunami, or were searching for
>> the lost members of their family and their friends. And of course, the
>> journalist was expecting that the Japanese would give priority to inform
>> him at short intervals about the situation in Fukushima while he was
>> drinking his beer in a Tokyo hotel, and would please provide the
>> information in German if possible.
>> What an insult to the people of Japan !
>> This was a journalist, who are you Sander C. Perle?
>> Enrico Sartori
>> ------------------------------
>>> Mon, 10 Oct 2011 14:07:28 -0400, Perle, Sandy<sperle at mirion.com>   wrote:
>>> The problem is that the mis-information from both TEPCO and the
>>> Japanese government immediately after the incident, continuing on during
>>> the incident and even after the incident is what causes the public alarm
>>> and gives a forum to others. Listening to the YouTube there is a lot of
>>> truth as to what is being stated. The public was misled,
>>> mis-information, deliberate or otherwise was the norm, so to question
>>> Chris regarding just his comments on Fukushima, is not as pertinent as
>>> one could say about other topics discussed here on Radsafe. Fukushima
>>> was a disaster with serious consequences and I am not confident that we
>>> have all of the facts as to what happened, what the current state is and
>>> how stable the reactors are, even today.
>>> Regards,
>>> Sandy
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>>> Sander C. Perle

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