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Hi Radsafe:
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       Hope you all are well.  Don't  know much about ICBM's in missile 
silos.  However, there are
probably times in the past when US and other nation's electronics were  
susceptible to the 
effects of ElectroMagnetic Pulses.  However, since then, radiation  
hardening, electromagnetic
shielding of circuits have occured.  Also, defense companies, the USA  and 
other nations have
put in place rather rudimentary (and possibly also advanced, sophisticated) 
 fixups to the
EMP problem.  As to whether spaceships from somewhere were over  missile 
silos at some given
time, your guess is as good as mine.
       Are night vision video cameras a  reality yet???  We could probably 
see many flying objects in the
sky with such a videocam...
       The next part of this e-mail  discusses jet/rocket flight 
velocities.  Clearly, we all now know  about
the Stealth fighter and bomber.  Ring Laser gyros and accelerometers  for 
some of the stealth aircraft
are built by the little sewing machine company (NJ) in  the USA.   Old 
mechanical gyro flight
guidance systems don't work in these fast aircraft.  Perhaps, in the  
literature, or on the internet, one
can find what the high end velocity of a stealth fighter is.  Perhaps,  in 
15-20 years, we'll get to
see what the Stealth Fighter II or whatever the next jet (???) fighter is  
--- it is probably on the drawing board
      NASA is not shy about telling us what the  velocity/acceleration is 
for the Space Shuttle
and perhaps the next MegaThruster rocket.  Look it up on the  internet.
      The other day a jet/rocket/ramjet went into  the Pacific Ocean (as 
designed???) at about 
Mach 10.  It would probably be safe to assume that a new jet/rocket  flight 
aircraft exists with
a controllable velocity somewhere between the high end velocity of the  
stealth fighter and Mach 10.
Look for it with your night vision videocamera???
      I worked for the little sewing company (that  makes guidance systems) 
in NJ for about a
year.  I didn't get to go into the secret rooms and didn't receive a  
security clearance, so I don't know
all that much about all the secret stuff.  My Auntie still lived in a  rest 
home/hospital in Germany, and
the security folks were worried about her being threatened and my thus  
being a security risk.  She has since
passed on, since then.  About 100-200 engineers/technicians (and 20  
women???) worked in my building
for the little sewing machine company.  They had contracts to work on  some 
really neat US defense
and space technology.
      Apparently, in Pennsylvania, they are  already drilling for 
significant amounts of Natural Gas
in the Marcellus Formation.
      The real connection between nuclear devices  and 
seismology/geophysics is that people like
Bruce Bolt and others do seismic studies to distinguish whether some  
seismic signals received
at US and World seismic stations are due to earthquakes or nuclear testing  
(North Korea etc.).  The recent??? North Korean bomb tests created  rather 
small seismic signals, not
really comparable to real earthquakes.  Nuclear devices generate  rather 
nice P wave
(Primary or compressional wave) signals, with not so much for S (Secondary  
or shear waves)
waves.  People do this kind of work at Los Alamos and elsewhere.   I'm sure 
(graduate school) are available to support such academic interests.  
      Saw on TV the other day that Pakistan has  100 or so nuclear warheads 
and rocket launch
capability.  I would suspect that India has at least that many nuclear  
devices.  Heaven forbid that these
two nations should ever get into a nuclear exchange.  Pakistan would  be 
craters in the ground
and India's top 50 cities would be gone.  What a horrible  thing this would 
Let's be careful out there!!!
       If aircraft/spaceships are trying to  turn off USA nuclear devices 
at opportune times, it's probably
because they don't want us to contaminate our nice environment with  
If the Earth is just a reststop for a spaceship going somewhere else, it  
sure is a nice source for
water, air, cooling water, food, corn, vegetables, wheat, beef cattle,  etc.
      Some crop circles may be bogus and human  generated.  Others may be 
signs to other
spacecraft, that nice crops are available here and the local farmer has  
limited firepower.
      Maybe all those UFO's over Washington, DC  way back when weren't 
really UFO's at all ---
maybe these quick airships were being flown by Russian crews wanting to get 
 in our (USA)
face by buzzing the Whitehouse????   Hmmmm.
       Have a good weekend...
       Regards,    Joseph R.  (Joe) Preisig, PhD

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