[ RadSafe ] SCAREMONGERING FOR FUN AND PROFIT --RE: The Bereted Wonder and his Pills

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Fri Oct 14 22:51:47 CDT 2011

Oct. 14

         A modest correction if I may --- this is not "misleading," 
it is out and out deception, as well as being so opportunistic it is 
repulsive.  I wonder where Busby bought those junk pills, and how 
much he paid for them.  Perhaps he needs a new yacht. . . .

Steven Dapra

At 07:01 PM 10/14/2011, you wrote:


>If there was ever any doubt that "Dr. Chris"....  was a scaremonger who it
>could be argued exemplifies the worst actions of a con-man trying to profit
>by misleading vulnerable people,  they should look at the link posted by
>Roger Helbig below.
>Dr. Phil had better watch out since Dr. Chris wants to bump Dr. Phil out of
>the limelight by presenting world-saving YouTube performances about the
>dangers of Fukushima.
>Rad protection specialists perhaps should set up an initiative that might be
>termed, as a working name,  the "Berating of the Bereted".
>However, if you really can't resist, and want to pattern yourself after Dr.
>Chris, you can spend $4.00  USD online and buy your own beret:
>The so-called "Busby Foundation for the Children of Fukushima" [really, I am
>not making this up]  established by Dr. Chris is now hyping the sale of a
>mineral supplement that Dr. Chris claims will protect children from
>"radioactivity binding to the DNA" released from the Fukushima accident [
>see:  http://www.4u-detox.com/
>and look at the Youtube video of Dr. Chris himself selling his
>detox/radioprotective pills while he swings on a children's swing in an
>empty playground in Sweden].
>These little magic Busby detox pills [for which he is charging 8000 yen =
>$75 US a bottle - no joke] contain nothing more than the following 4
>minerals,  Mg, Se, Mo, and Ca. I've show a colum below of the US DV or RDA
>for each of these 4 minerals, and the amount of these 4 minerals found in a
>random multi-vitamin [my Mom's multi-vitamin in this case]:
>             Busby Detox    Daily Value [DV]      My Mom's
>            Pills [$75 ]      US Recommended     Multivitamins [$8 per 150
>tabs] [+ 36 other
>             Per Bottle                                             vitamins
>& minerals
>          ____________     ______________      _____________
>Magnesium   300 mg             400                100
>Selenium    50 micro-gm         70                 20
>Molybdenum  25 micro-gm         75                 75
>Calcium     66 mg [*]         1000 mg             200 mg of Ca
>Note: Busby's little magic detox pill is listed as having 800 mg of Calcium
>Lactate of which only 66 mg is Calcium.
>As seen above, the US DV for each mineral [a minimal amount that people
>should normally be able to obtain via their diet] is more than that
>contained in the Busby magic DNA/detox pills costing $75 a bottle.
>So if the Children of Fukushima want to be protected in an equivalent manner
>to that afforded by the magic little Rad Protective Detox Pills,  they could
>save their $75 by not sending it to the Dr. Chris...... Foundation, and take
>any normal multivitamin and wash it down with 55 ml [ one-quarter cup or 2
>oz.] of milk equal to the 66 mg of Calcium in the magic pills, since milk
>contains 1200 mg/liter of Calcium.
>What a scam. Can someone be arrested for assault and battery on the truth?
>Stewart Farber, MS Public Health
>Scientists Committee Opposing Radiation Nescience [SCORN]
>Foundation for Truth and Justice
>Bridgeport, CT 06606
>email: SAFarber at optonline.net
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>Busby intimates to this list that he is a genuine scientist; he also
>puts that pretense out to the University of Ulster that has tendered
>him an appointment as a Visiting Assistant Professor.  In that guise,
>he claimed to have advanced the state of depleted uranium research,
>but that paper does not seem to have ever been published in print or
>on-line (his mode of preference since they ask the fewest questions
>and do not rigidly question junk science or snake oil salesmen).  This
>was just sent to me from a friend.
>It would seem that Fukushima has produced an opportunity for snake oil

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