[ RadSafe ] The Bereted Wonder and his Pills

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Oct. 15

         Altogether now, let's split hairs.

Steven Dapra

At 07:44 AM 10/15/2011, you wrote:
>Visiting Professor, not Visiting Assistant Professor.
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>Busby intimates to this list that he is a genuine scientist; he also
>puts that pretense out to the University of Ulster that has tendered
>him an appointment as a Visiting Assistant Professor.  In that guise,
>he claimed to have advanced the state of depleted uranium research,
>but that paper does not seem to have ever been published in print or
>on-line (his mode of preference since they ask the fewest questions
>and do not rigidly question junk science or snake oil salesmen).  This
>was just sent to me from a friend.
>It would seem that Fukushima has produced an opportunity for snake oil

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