[ RadSafe ] ICBM's, UFO's, etc.

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Fri Oct 21 13:47:33 CDT 2011

Hi Radsafe:
     This is from:    _jpreisig at aol.com_ (mailto:jpreisig at aol.com)       .
     Hi Mr. Aitken, Mr. Dapra also:
     Dapra, or is it really DARPA (Defense Advanced  Research Projects 
     (Just pulling your leg).
      I suspect most UFO's are just USA, Soviet,  Chinese, Argentinian 
jet/rocket flight tests...
      They could be seen with night vision goggles  and photographically 
recorded with the 
proper photographic film (as alluded to in the film Red Dragon --- Red  
Dragon may be a bit too
graphic, nasty for some folks here.).
       Aircraft hovering over ICBM missile  silo's could have been Soviet 
version of British Harrier
aircraft????  The death ray could have been simply ElectroMagnetic  Pulses 
generated aboard the 
hovering Harriers (USSR variety).  When did this all happen????
       Why do this EMP thing over USA ICBM  silo's?  The reason I can think 
of is if the USA were
totally unprepared to adjust/correct for EMP pulses, US ICBM's might have  
been down for several
hours or more.  OUCH!!!!!!!!   This would be plenty of time  for USSR or 
whoever to launch
ICBM's towards the USA, with only limited return ICBM return fire (from the 
 USA).  USA silo's
taken out, with limited return ICBM fire from the USA.  Sounds like  the 
Soviets or whoever win
decisively World War III.  Game over.  See the movie War  Games.  The USA 
is probably prepared
to rapidly recover now from any EMP signals directed toward ICBM  silos.
        A google news item today  suggests that Mr. Jobs had a treatable 
form of Pancreatic Cancer
or whatever.  He delayed the treatment, for some reason, and paid the  
price with his very life.
Unfortunate, I guess
        You all have a nice  day....
        Regards,     Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig, PhD

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