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Sun Oct 23 14:01:17 CDT 2011


I take the opportunity of the most recent news in the Austrian mass media to urge you to consider risks relative to radiation. The latest news mention about more than 1000 deaths in an earth quake in Eastern Turkey. A map shown on Austrian TV shows sites in Turkey where earth quakes occurred during the recent years with a much higher death toll, not to talk about economical losses. 

We have read all the statements of anti-nuclear agitators, calculating hypothetical deaths from radiation. Please consider the word "hypothetical"! We all are aware of the terrible situation of health in developing countries, we see every day on TV pictures of refugee camps, of undernourished children and we hear about numbers of children dying every day in these camps. Furthermore we have reports of children killed by military actions and one of the most distainful action is the use of drones and then calling the victims
- very often children - "collateral damage". This is not restricted to US force in Iraq or Afghanistan or Pakistan. There are more places.

So what about some hypothetical and calculated deaths, if the really dead people and children from other sóurces are known? What to think of the ridiculous claims of a Raman Spectroscopist on the effects of - depending on the shifting case of claims from DU, now even enriched uranium?  
Could we convince people to return to common sense, to put risks into perspective? 

I do not expect that the Raman Spectroscopist will revise his attitude - the other "antis" do not follow RADSAFE. 

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