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Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Tue Sep 13 21:19:05 CDT 2011

Sept. 13

         Busby's "paper" (his description) lacks a proper heading, 
publishing data, an abstract, a list of key words, the dates received 
and accepted, and page numbers.

         It suffers from spelling or proofreading errors, and appears 
to have been thrown together.  (For all we know, it may not have been 
proofread.)  In the second sentence of the second paragraph Busby 
says, "The data is available."  This should be "are" available.  Some 
of the details about the heart are not germane to Busby's overall 
approach.  Edward Radford's imprisonment is irrelevant and immaterial.

         Figure 3 claims that 52.7% of the deaths in Belarus in 2008 
can be attributed to diseases of the cardiovascular system.  How many 
of these decedents smoked, or lived on fatty greasy foods?

         The source material is utterly inadequate, and has already 
been pointed out, the claim about children in Fukushima having heart 
attacks is not supported.  My guess is that if this were true, the 
secular press would be ballyhooing it all over the place.

Steven Dapra

At 10:42 AM 9/13/2011, you wrote:
>The paper which this is based upon is here:
>It follows work carried out by Bandashevsky in Belarus after Chernobyl.
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>Dr. Busby's latest video is currently making the rounds on the 
>anti-nuke and conspiracy theory websites, and can be seen here:
>I know there is some evidence that radiation exposure may be a risk 
>factor for heart disease, but this takes it to a level I haven't seen before.
>Am I stirring the pot?  Perhaps, a bit, but I'm also curious to hear 
>some reasoned analysis of the issues, with references where possible.
>Thanks in advance.
>Tony Harrison, MSPH
>Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
>Laboratory Services Division

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