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I'm trying to send this again. It worked with a friend just now.

I checked Busby's reference to YI Bandazhevsky as the source of his  
information on alleged Cs-137 induced cardiomyopathy in children.  
There seems to be one reference - at least that I could find with  
Google Scholar - in the SWISS MED WKLY 2004;134:725–729, entitled,  
"Relationship between Caesium (137Cs) load, cardiovascular symptoms,  
and source of food in “Chernobyl” children – preliminary  
observations after intake of oral apple pectin". The full paper is  
attached here. Rather skimpy evidence. Perhaps Dr. Busby will let us  
know whether a more serious study has been published.


On Sep 14, 2011, at 5:58 AM, Steven Dapra wrote:

> Sept. 13
>         I did a Google search for "Fukushima children" and "heart  
> attacks," and found about 1500 links.  I read the descriptions of  
> about 20 of them, and most of them had Busby's name on them.  You  
> are welcome to draw your own conclusions.
> Steven Dapra
> At 11:54 AM 9/13/2011, you wrote:
>> In your paper you say "We have recently heard that children in the  
>> Fukushima contamination area have been
>> suffering heart attacks."  That is a fairly extraordinary  
>> statement, and it deserves a reference, if only to hospital  
>> admission records or death certificates.  A good epidemiologist  
>> would make some effort to show that there have been more heart  
>> attacks, in children or in the general population,  since  
>> Fukushima than there were before, but I see no evidence of that.
>> In this case, I'm not sure self-publication counts.  I'm trying to  
>> give you the benefit of the doubt here, but it's getting harder  
>> and harder to take your work seriously.
>> Tony Harrison, MSPH
>> Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
>> Laboratory Services Division
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>> The paper which this is based upon is here:
>> http://www.bsrrw.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/caesiumheart- 
>> Fuku-6-m.pdf
>> It follows work carried out by Bandashevsky in Belarus after  
>> Chernobyl.
>> Cheers
>> Chris
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>> Dr. Busby's latest video is currently making the rounds on the  
>> anti-nuke and conspiracy theory websites, and can be seen here:
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aBW-5atBus&feature=player_embedded
>> I know there is some evidence that radiation exposure may be a  
>> risk factor for heart disease, but this takes it to a level I  
>> haven't seen before.
>> Am I stirring the pot?  Perhaps, a bit, but I'm also curious to  
>> hear some reasoned analysis of the issues, with references where  
>> possible.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Tony Harrison, MSPH
>> Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
>> Laboratory Services Division
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