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Wed Sep 14 12:37:20 CDT 2011


The question which I am going to pose is very serious and has nothing to do with personal animosity but with severe differences in relevant scientific questions.

We have at RADSAFE since a few weeks a person posting messages, claims, attempting to insult several persons at RADSAFE (including me, but I use to say that somebody like him cannot insult me), spreading comments which have been marked by knowledgable  first class professionals as being completely wrong. He adds time and again personal attacks, like "somebody (me)" who has worked in the business for more that 30 years and is obviously an internationally reputated environmental radioactivity expert, should go back to school. His latest nonsense on Po-210 is almost funny and not to be taken serious.

This person makes his money with antinuclear propaganda. He claims to published peer reviewed papers in journals, which have been proven on RADSAFE not to exist. He claims to be an outstanding person in international "commissions" and "audits" , he claims profound knowledge in radioisotope analysis, but all he can provide is an obscure laboratory with NaI(Tl) detectors. Please spare me the effort to show all his unbelievable statements -it would be a waste of time. 

My question is, whether anybody on RADSAFE believes any single sentence other than "wheather is fine" from this person on RADSAFE - until now nobody posted any supportive message. 

Having been so long on RADSAFE, always having appreciated it, met very nice people there - even personally - I think that this great network should not be ruined by one single troll. Previously trolls were nice persons, with whom I sometimes had very friendly and nice exchange of opinions. 

Please reply to me - not only personally but also to RADSAFE. It might be possible to show the listowner the opinion of the RyDSAFE participants. As I have previously posted it is not acceptable that postings of world wide acknowledged specialists are massivly delayed, while such of the person in question are forwarded immediately. 

Best regards to everybody, except the Raman spectroscopist who turned into radiation protection world authority.


Franz Schoenhofer, PhD, MinRat
Habicherg. 31/7
A-1160 Vienna
mobile: ++43 699 1706 1227

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