[ RadSafe ] Sr-90 in Maple Syrup, Ra-226 in mineral waters, Cs-137 in woodash, etc. was: Re: Re. Tritium found near VT Yankee (panic time!)

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Sept. 15

         In what "literature" is this ample evidence found?  Perhaps 
in Chris Busby's Journal of the Data is Available But I Ain't Telling."

Steven Dapra

At 10:21 AM 9/15/2011, you wrote:

>If you were a chemist, you would know that Sr90 binds strongly to 
>DNA whereas K40 does not. There is ample evidence in the literature 
>that Sr90 has powerful genotoxic effects compared with Cs137, and 
>its effects have been ascribed (in the literature) to this behaviour.
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>Yankee               (panic time!)
>I know this is not news to many readers here, but Sr-90 is still measurable
>in milk (at least by my lab), and the Sr-90 is not from Fukushima.  Maybe
>we should ban milk consumption by children  <grin>;  after all they are
>drinking hundreds of gallons during childhood.  And just think of how much
>K-40 (1300 pCi/L) that the milk contains !! <grin again>.   One of my goals
>before retirement is to show, based on 50 yrs of environmental measurement,
>the absurdity of claims, such as with the Tooth Fairy Project.  I'd reveal
>how, but I don't want to play my hand openly here.
>If I recall, in addition to the wood ash, dried solid waste sludge is
>scattered on fields also.  I've analyzed some, it is nasty from all angles.
>Lastly, if VT politicians read some of the annual environmental
>surveillance reports coming out of states (DOH or DEP) across the US,
>they'd realize H-3 is detectable (our MDL is <100 pCi/L) nearly everywhere,
>and its not from VT Yankee.  There are huge sources/emitters of
>environmental H-3, and they are commercial companies (e.g., self-luminous
>exit signs) not NPPs.
>  My personal viewpoints.
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