[ RadSafe ] Depleted Uranium did not cause Gulf War Vets Illnesses

Otto G. Raabe ograabe at ucdavis.edu
Mon Sep 19 13:29:38 CDT 2011

>September 19, 2011

The September 19, 2011, USA TODAY newspaper has an article 
identifying the probable causes of illnesses associated with military 
service in the Gulf War.

A study by the Midwest Research Institute that appeared in the 
scientific journal, Environmental Health Perspectives, found there 
was  "no correlation between anthrax shots, depleted uranium, 
psychological issues and Gulf War illness..."

They did find the probable causes of those illnesses were 
anti-nerve-agent pills and pesticides.

Veterans who served in Iraq or Kawait had long lasting illnesses from 
pyridostigmine bromide pills which they were given as small doses of 
nerve agents that were supposed to create resistance in case of 
chemical attack.

Veterans who served in Saudi Arabia or on support ships had long 
lasting illnesses linked to the use of 70% DDET, permethrin, and 
lindane insecticides on their uniforms and skin.

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