[ RadSafe ] Busby Foundation for the Children of Hiroshima

Roger Helbig rwhelbig at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 22:05:02 CDT 2011

Does anyone know reputable people in Japan that can fully expose this for
the total fraud that it is - remember that Busby has told this list that he
does not make money off of anything and is poor!  I wonder what exactly the
urinalysis testing is supposed to be for.  Uranium?  Busby's world revolves
around "uranium" - he accused Israel of using enriched uranium in Lebanon
because depleted uranium was too easy to detect.   He is such a master of
using his PhD in unrelated subject matter, political friends who get him
academic appointments such as his current one at the University of Ulster
and prior one at University of Liverpool that the same person arranged and
Busby claimed to have years after it ended because that friend had left, and
the art of sounding knowledgeable on various video media that have no real
fact checkers or scientific experts of their own.

Roger Helbig

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