[ RadSafe ] radioactive Japanese rice and wind

James Salsman jsalsman at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 16:10:51 CDT 2011

"TOKYO, Sept 24 (Reuters) - Japan found the first case of rice with
radioactive materials far exceeding a government-set level for a
preliminary test... radioactive caesium of 500 becquerels per kg was
found in a sample of the pre-harvested rice in Nihonmatsu city, in
Fukushima Prefecture, 56 km (35 miles) west of the Fukushima Daiichi
nuclear plant..." --

 "Wind’s costs have dropped over the past two years, with power
purchase agreements being signed in the range of 5 to 6 cents per
kilowatt-hour recently.... about 2 cents cheaper than coal-fired
electricity, and more projects were financed through debt arrangements
than tax equity structures last year, a possible sign that wind deals
are winning more mainstream acceptance from Wall Street’s banks....
Equipment makers can also deliver products in the same year that they
are ordered instead of waiting up to three years as was the case in
previous cycles.... The group estimates that 5,600 MW of new installed
capacity is under construction in the United States, more than double
the number at this point in 2010. Thirty-five percent of all new power
generation built in the United States since 2005 has come from wind,
more than new gas and coal plants combined, as power providers are
increasingly enticed to wind as a convenient hedge against
unpredictable commodity price moves." --

With cheap liquid fuel synthesis from Fischer-Tropsch processes
utilizing ruthenium iron electrolysis anodes, does anyone want to take
the position that Germany doesn't have the right idea, any more?

James Salsman

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