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Dear Radsafe:
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     Hope you all are well.
     The Trenton Times Newspaper (USA) is reporting  nice advancements in 
the treatment
of Epilepsy (and seizures) using something called Laser Ablation.  A  hole 
is drilled in the brain,
a fiber optic cable is directed at the site of the relevant brain lesion  
and the laser is used
to burn out the offending brain lesion tissue (date of newspaper March 28,  
See the original article or similar articles in the (Newark/NJ/USA) Star  
     Off topic, naahhhhh; cell phones and microwave  radiation have been on 
     I hope this helps my one friend with  epilepsy...
     Here comes off topic ----   the Mayan  end of the Earth prophecy is 
for December, 2012.
     Earlier on, here on radsafe, I discussed a TV show  about a supposed 
alien spacecraft
     (with thousands of beings aboard???)headed for  Earth.  Are these 
beings from the space people/ 
       minor deities??? which visited  the Mayans many years ago????  Will 
they be friendly
     visitors, or will they be looking to stay  here????  We'll see.  
Apparently, the Mayans were well-
     versed in Earth Precession, which would be good to  know (in addition 
to Earth Spin,
     Wobbles, Nutation etc.) for a spacecraft looking  to reach the Earth 
from elsewhere far away.
     Too bad there are very few real Mayans left to  receive these 
     Yeah, seriously off topic....
         Maury, some kind of three  body (star, planet,moon) alignment in 
the Earth sky
         You all have a good  night.
          Regards,     Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig, PhD

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