[ RadSafe ] Blogger with radiation measurement device claims Los Angeles gets radioactive rain

Roger Helbig rwhelbig at gmail.com
Sat Apr 7 03:55:08 CDT 2012

I did not realize that the actual source Michael Collins claims to be a
multi-award winning investigative reporter or that he was obviously a
committed anti-nuke, but his replies to comments on the original article
have shown him to have a big ego if nothing else.


from Michael Collins

@Steve Schoner: Radiation is everywhere, indeed, but what in Los Angeles,
and on most of the West Coast, we are in no way impacted by uranium mines,
uranium deposits or radon progeny. If you had read the piece and the two
linked articles of mine, "Beta Watch," and "The Endless Bummer," you would
see that we directly address these bugaboos pro-nukers like to dredge up.
"But in L.A. 5x above normal is nothing to worry about" is flat out wrong.
The California Highway Patrol considers anything 3x normal or above to
necessitate a hazmat incident. I think readers will trust the CHP more than
a naysayer who didn't read the material and came to the issue with
preconceived notions not supported by good, prudent science. Thank you
Dennis and LA Weekly for covering this

from fastferret

Its really important to have the RIGHT equipment, and to know whether the
activity that you are measuring is actually the RIGHT kind of activity.
Like, for example, is it from Cs-137 or Sr-90? If so then you can actually
blame Fukushima with some credulity. BUT, if its from another source then
that would be perhaps even more important to know. We could easily have
another problem that you just might be the first one to bring to the
attention of the public. If you do not understand what I mean about the
right activity then I suggest that you discuss with a third year university
physics student subject like spectroscopy and the realationships between
energy and wavelength. Little things like that. ;) You know ... Like the
diference between beta and gamma radiation

from Michael Collins

@fast ferret: Haven't been to EnviroReporter, have you? After 1,500+
radiation tests, we sure as shootin' know our radiation. Heck, we've been
using the "right equipment" since 2000 if you bothered to check our site.
As for being able to identify isotopes, we are on track to do that too.
Check out our Isotopic Identifier Fund. Folks like rapid rat here are like
the drunk pulled over for weaving down the road. In attempting to explain
to the cop why the vehicle was swerving, the drunk claims that *anything*
is the reason except for the obvious reason: being drunk. I suggest that
some of the meltdown deniers who have risen to attack me look at the hard
reality of Fukushima: 3 uncontrolled meltdowns spewing goo for a year
upwind and upcurrent of us, with another 7 reactors' worth of spent fuel
rods about to crash to the ground in Unit 4. The radiation we're detecting
is from Fukushima - and there is much much more to come.


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On Sat, Apr 7, 2012 at 12:41 AM, John Ahlquist
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> I like the reference to uranium-60 buckyballs.  I wonder what they are?  I
> hope
> they tell us more about this previously unknown isotope U-60.  [You find
> the
> comment by clicking on the read more link at the bottom.]
> .
> http://blogs.laweekly.com/informer/2012/04/radiation_rain_los_angeles_fukushima.php

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