[ RadSafe ] Media Professor Claims Fukushima radiation leaks bringing sickness to children

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Sat Apr 14 02:48:38 CDT 2012

Note the high scientific acumen of the "professor".  The radio program
was broadcast on Gary Null's internet channel.  This is non-science
hype of the worst kind.

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Fukushima radiation leaks bringing sickness to children

by Christina MacPherson

Japanese professor says Fukushima radiation leaks are harming
children’s health
VIDEO  Radio host Steve Zeltzer conducted the interview Akira
Murakami’s comments about children’s health are at 13:37 of the video.

By Charlie Smith, April 13, 2012 A media professor at Akia University
in Japan has claimed that
children in his country are suffering serious medical problems as a
result of last year’s Fukushima nuclear disaster.

In an interview on WorkWeek Radio (which works with Project Censored),
Prof. Akira “Lazy Cat” Murakami linked the leak of radiation to kids
have suffering nosebleeds, skin diseases, short tempers, and
cardiovascular diseases.

Murakami said that the Japanese mainstream media is not covering the
impacts, but this information is being disseminated to Japanese people
through cyberspace.

“Our food regulations are quite loose,” Murakami said. “We have only
spot inspections.” He called on Americans to do whatever they can to
shut down remaining nuclear reactors.

“This planet could not afford another Chernobyl or another Fukushima,” he said.

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