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Dear Radsafe:
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    Hey all,
         Hope you are well.   Google news today has a news item about one 
of the Global Warming gurus
(Lovelock???) and describes how he is stepping back from his original dire  
predictions for Earth
Global Warming and the Earth's future.  Seems temperature data for the  
Earth is indicating (over
the last decade or so) that the Earth isn't getting as  toasty/hot as he 
had predicted.  Please read the news 
item if you so desire.
         Was it all just Earth  polar motion (Chandler Wobble, Annual 
Wobble) or other things????
Guess we'll see in the near future...
         Google news today also has  a news item about the DARPA (not 
DAPRA!!!!!) hypersonic
plane and recent tests trying to go MACH 20 (MACH 20, Geez, is that really 
necessary; how much acceleration/velocity can a human or payload  
stand???).  The news item 
addresses how the hypersonic plane/spacecraft failed.
        And for my friends in  Pennsylvania, eastern Pennsylvania has 
natural gas and western
Pennsylvania has coal.  I'm sure USA power companies will be using  both 
resources over the next
20 to 50 years.  And when everything else is gone, the USA will still  have 
nuclear power and
coal.  I do remember there are a few nuclear plants in  Pennsylvania.
       Is it time for Atmospheric researchers  to jump off the global 
warming bandwagon????
       Maybe if DARPA can lower the MACH  number a bit, one of us Health 
Nuclear Engineers, Medical Physicists, Physicists etc. can take a trip on  
the hypersonic plane/
spacecraft to Mars???!!!!
      Have a great week.
      Regards,     Joseph R.  (Joe) Preisig

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