[ RadSafe ] Off topic, but a promising night sky -- keep looking up!

Maury maurysis at peoplepc.com
Mon Apr 23 17:58:50 CDT 2012

Also after midnight local time Monday [real early Tuesday AM], you may 
still see a good part of the Lyrid meteor shower. It peaked Sunday 
night. The western US fireball was a part of this shower

A solar event near the limb took us by surprise. The effects of this event were first felt early on the 23rd GMT, but the ejecta from the sun arrived just now (5:30pm Apr 23 GMT).

Tonight there will be aurora over the northern tier of the US, Northern UK, Southern Scandinavia, and Southern Alaska.  Observers in Southern New Zealand and Tasmania should watch the sky tonight, if the activity proves to be long-lasting.

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