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Dear Radsafe:
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    Hey All,
          So, what do the NOAA  global temperature data say????  Is there 
global warming or is there
  not???   La Ninas are usually interspersed with El  Ninos.  Do a google 
search on ENSO
  (El Nino/ Southern Oscillation Index).
         Maybe global warming is  real.  I don't really think so, but my MS 
geology advisor disagrees with  me.
    Like I said before,  the Earth has had polar motion  amplitude 
(Chandler wobble, Annual wobble)
   peaks in 1910, 1954, 1998  (and eventually 2042).   Such peaks result in 
the Earth's geometric
   pole dipping more fully downward towards the Sun.  Thus  the global 
warming.  The hot Earth times
   could be due to thermal heat storage during these high polar  motion 
amplitude times.  Carbon etc.
   effects may be taking place also.  We need to lessen  human population 
on the planet by 
   exercising restraint, especially in certain nations.   These nations are 
experiencing continuing
   suffering/poverty etc. due to their large populations.
        My earlier postings on Earth  polar motion and global warming are 
in the Radsafe archives.
    Look at the temperature data yourself.  Make up  your own mind.  
Glaciers in the
    Karakorum are apparently coming back (thickness wise),  according to 
some news report.
         Al Gore is from Tennessee,  and as such is an Oak Ridge Boy (Oak 
Ridge National Lab) ---
    he does what is good for Tennessee.  See also TVA  -- Tennessee Valley 
         Have a good  week!!!    Regards,   Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig,  PhD

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