[ RadSafe ] A Sad Event at Ludlum

Chris Alston achris1999 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 17:19:10 CDT 2012


Those of you who are old friends of Ludlum will undoubtedly be saddened to
hear of the passing of Dwane Stevens, the Dean of the Sales Department
there (as far as I was concerned).  I worked with him, and recommended his
services to everyone I knew, for literally decades.  It was more like
working with an very kind, cheery, and infinitely patient uncle, or seeking
advice from a valued consultant, than it was like working with a salesman.

I am going to miss very much calling Ludlum up, and hearing his broad
drawl:  "This is Dwane Stevens."  He always sounded charmed and delighted
that one had called, whatever the immediate reason.  I know that the people
at Ludlum, and, of course, his family, will miss him far more than that.

Best wishes and much sympathy to all of them,


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