[ RadSafe ] Vermont Yankee supporters at anti-nuke book tour

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Wed Aug 15 21:53:23 CDT 2012

Aug. 15

         Thank you, Mark, for posting this.

         That author, Cecile Pineda, does not look old enough to 
remember the bombing.  This is the 67th anniversary.  She doesn't 
look like she's over 70.  I say this after clicking on her photograph 
and enlarging it to about 3" by 4".

         According to Wikipedia she was born in 1932.  Perhaps the 
photo is an old one.  Wikipedia says she was born in Harlem.  I 
looked at her personal website and it says she was born in New York 
City.  Nothing about her living in Japan.

         Quoting from the ANS article:

"At the book tour event, she recounted her memories of the day the 
bomb was dropped on Hiroshima."

         These "memories" would have to be memories of her at 
approximately age 13 listening to the news of the bombing being 
broadcast on the radio in NYC.  In talking about her memories, I 
think she's playing a little fast and loose with the truth.  Perhaps 
in her lecture she explains her whereabouts on the day of the bombing.



Steven Dapra

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