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Ever since Arab Spring, there is the idea that might makes right, even
when it comes to science.  They also forced Japanese Prime Minister to
meet with scientific know nothings led by someone who does not even
have the guts to use their real name - Misao Redwolf - there is the
idea that videos educate (they don't they miseducate) and that on-line
petitions are agents of change -

Until I changed to plain format and began editing this, I did not
realize that the video is a Busby production in which he claims that
children of Fukushima are getting the same symptoms as the children of
Chernobyl.  Perhaps the genuine Russian scientists would like to
comment on Busby.  Christina MacPherson admires anything anti-nuclear
and probably never took any hard science course in her life time.  It
would be instructive to know what MacPherson's real background is.


PS - Busby gets in PubMed - he presents the aura of having peer
reviewed publications and no one challenges them which gives him more
credibility.  Members of this list may think that he is a charlatan,
con artist and snake oil salesman, but what is really needed is
detailed review posted to the on-line journals that accept his
processing fees that show in detail where Busby is not using science.

Christina MacPherson posted:
Nuclear Catastrophy Review & how YOU can Help   Link to the petion
here: http://nuclearjustice.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Petition-ANY-Environment...

Petition about radiation, and VIDEO

by Christina MacPherson

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbto7xNypS0&feature=youtu.be    Nuclear
Catastrophy Review & how YOU can Help   Link to the petion here:
http://nuclearjustice.org/?p=50   It follows that if new evidence has
appeared about the potential consequences of the EURATOM Basic Safety
Directive, Under Article 20 (in the original 1996 version Article 6)
all practices involving radiation exposure have to be re-justified. It
is a legal requirement. What is proposed, therefore, is that all
individuals resident in or citizens of a EU member state country, and
all NGOs based in such countries, petition the European Parliament to
require a re-justification of all radiation producing practices
covered by the Euratom Basic Safety Standards Directive in any of its
forms in the light of the new scientific evidence of health risks.

This new evidence is appended to the Petition as an Appendix and
petitioners may ask for the evidence to be presented in any scientific
discussion by members of the European Committee on Radiation Risk
www.euradcom.org , or the International Committee on Nuclear Justice
www.nuclearjustice.org .

  Chris Busby on radioactivity displacing supplements

Busby talks here from a playground in Stockholm about the cover-up of
the Fukushima contamination and the failure of the Japanese government
to act for the children who are suffering the same health problems as
those exposed to the Chernobyl contamination. Read more of this post

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