[ RadSafe ] RTG's, Solar Power, Satellites, etc.

JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Sat Dec 15 14:03:50 CST 2012

Dear Radsafe,
     Hey All!!
     Hmmmmm. With RTG's and the advancements being made  in solar cell 
(see Princeton University's main webpage), it would appear that plenty of  
Energy/Power will soon
be available for Space Satellites.  RTG = Radioisotope Thermoelectric  
Generator.  Plan your Health
Physics/Radiation Project in Space Today and submit a grant  
application????  Good Luck.
     Seems as if the X37B spaceplane is truly a modern  marvel.  We know 
from NCIS (the US Television
show) that satellite imaging is somewhat restricted to the orbit of any  
given satellite.
The X37B spaceplane is remotely controlled, is in orbit around the Earth  
and probably has some
ability to move around in Space with respect to its orbit.  Whether it  can 
just fly freely around in Space,
remotely controlled, snapping pictures of the Earth, I don't know.
     Maybe more about the X37B might be found in Jane's  Aeronautical 
Guides, or similar things, if
such information is currently available.
      I guess the Russians, the Chinese and so on  will soon have their own 
versions of the X37B in
space, someday soon.???  I guess the North Korean's will continue to  work 
on their ICBM
rocket technology.  Wonder if they will soon be able to reach Alaska,  
Seattle or San Francisco???
They should watch James Bond movies for information on how ICBM's and/or  
rockets work.
Google the word: toppling  .
    Regards,    Joe Preisig

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