[ RadSafe ] US sailors sue Japan's TEPCO for post-quake radiation exposure

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Sat Dec 29 18:45:13 CST 2012

Dec. 29

         This aircraft carrier has a crew of 
approximately 5500 sailors.  Are we to assume 
that only eight of them claim to have been 
exposed --- or to be cynical, that only eight of 
them want to get in on this gravy train?

         According to the article at this link, 
the lawyer, Garner, says, "one of the sailors now 
has cancer and recently had a baby with birth 
defects."  Cancer now has a latency period of 
less than two years??  At the end of the article, 
Garner says TEPCO "lulled" the entire world into a false sense of security.


         This Paul Garner character is based in 
Encinitas, a city on the coast about 30 miles 
north of San Diego.  Anyone here from Southern CA ever heard of him?

Steven Dapra

At 12:38 PM 12/29/2012, you wrote:

>A group of U.S. Navy personnel involved in the 
>humanitarian effort after Japan's March 2011 
>earthquake and tsunami have filed a lawsuit 
>against the Tokyo Electric Power Co. for more 
>than $200 million in compensation, punitive 
>damages and future medical costs for exposure to 
>radiation that leaked from the damaged Fukushima 
>Nuclear Power Plant at the time.
>The plaintiffs include eight troops serving on 
>the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier — one of 
>whom was pregnant at the time of the alleged exposure — and her daughter.
>They charge that the utility, known as TEPCO, 
>"knowingly and negligently caused, permitted and 
>allowed misleading information concerning the 
>true condition of the (plant) to be disseminated 
>to the public, including the U.S. Navy 
>Department," according to the complaint filed on 
>Dec. 21 in a U.S. federal court in San Diego.
>Full story at
>Bob Yoss
>ryoss at mcw.edu

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