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Cmtimmpe at aol.com Cmtimmpe at aol.com
Mon Feb 20 17:45:02 CST 2012

I believe the majority of the public believe that nuclear reactors are  
inherently save - the outcry after Fukushima was primarily from the known  
anti-nuclear groups rather than people living around the nuclear plants.   
Notwithstanding the accidents cited by Otto, there are only a small percent of  
the population that shows major concerns about anything nuclear other than 
the  bombs.  Unfortunately in the USA, the government has made it all too easy 
 for 'interveners' who are anti-nuclear anything to place major delays and  
obstacles in the way of any nuclear project.  They certainly do not have a  
majority of people behind them - just know how to work the system. 
Thank  you,

Christopher M. Timm,  PE

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