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Sat Jan 7 22:02:05 CST 2012

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     Hi Radsafe:
     Neutron Interrogation???  Pretty cool,  huh????  Is that where the 
Wicked witch questions Toto
     under the bright lights, and tries to make him  give up the 
whereabouts of the Ruby Slippers???
     Of course not.  Thanks for the  information.
     A google search on  neutron AND interrogation  will supply you all 
with information about 
neutron interrogation.  You all can read it yourself.
    So, one sends neutrons into a potential DEVICE --- hope  this is done 
correctly, lest the device will
be set off (not likely unless all conditions are correct for bomb  
triggering) and look for neutrons 
returning from fissions.  I guess one could do such neutron  interrogation 
using an n,gamma
reaction also.  Pretty cool.
    Maglich (Calsec, 2011) (do search on google???) is still  on the loose. 
 This time he is involved with
the Thorium/U233 fuel cycle.  Clearly, one can breed/create U233 by  
putting Thorium in/near
a conventional reactor core.  Maglich wants to use neutrons from (D,D)  or 
(D,T) reactions, created
using a migma (a mixture) to breed/create U233 from Thorium without having  
conventional fission
around.  A clean Thorium/U233/Migma fuel cycle, as it were!!!   It's pretty 
cool.  Still, if migma can
work well in such a breeding  process, then maybe it can work all by  
itself, and just make fusion
energy all on its own.  See also my warm fusion posts, previously sent  to 
Maglich says he can prove proof of concept, or whatever in 18 months or so, 
 under good 
funding conditions.  Go for it, Dr. Maglich.  The Saudi's and  Aleusuisse 
already own a piece of the
Migma action, as they funded Maglich back in the 1970's.  Wonder how  much 
money the
US Navy etc. has given Maglich over the years...
     Maglich is pretty much a scientific shark, with  pretty fair 
intellect.  The rest of us are probably more
like freshwater trout, ready to be feasted upon???
     I see on TV some Japanese fellow is making 3D  images of volcanoes 
using muon imaging.
     You all have a good weekend!!!!
     Regards,   Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig,  PhD

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