[ RadSafe ] Co-60 tissue box holders: applicable regulations fordisposal

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Jan. 20

         What would be the nature of the complaint and what purpose 
would it (ostensibly) serve?

Steven Dapra

At 11:56 AM 1/20/2012, you wrote:
>Has anyone filed a complaint with the NM Radiation Control Bureau?
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>Dear Radsafers,
>As many of us are aware, Bed Bath and Beyond recently stocked some
>India-made tissue box holders that were contaminated with Co-60.  These
>were delivered to a minority of the chain's stores, including the
>Ventura Center store in Albuquerque where I live.  The manager told me
>last Friday there was not a snowball's chance in hell that they would
>even let me see one, let alone purchase one; they had just been boxed up
>for good.  I then had to leave on an out-of-town trip, but on Saturday,
>my friend Gary Bodman, who teaches middle-school physical science here,
>rolled over to BBB with a scintillation detector.  It swung up to ~3x
>local background near the employees' annex in the back of the store.
>Again, though, his advances to merely observe, let alone procure, one of
>these coveted articles were rebuffed with extreme prejudice.  We know
>the items are there!  We know they're hot!  My question to anyone
>knowledgeable is this: is BBB legally prohibited from selling these
>cobalt boxes now, or is it just corporate management or local management
>that's enforcing this policy of uptightness that we observe?  Also, how
>would the store "properly" get rid of their inventory?  My guess is the
>NM Radiation Control Bureau will have that task.  Bottom line is I'd
>love to see one of these things before they're gone and all forgotten.
>Any recommendations are welcome...

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